AS430 - PCO Air Purifier

AS430 – PCO Air Purifier

Odours and infections are created by Bacteria, Viruses, Mould, Fungi and Volatile Organic Compounds in the air and on surfaces. In enclosed spaces in buildings high levels of harmful bacteria and viruses accumulate in everywhere. AS430 utilize UV and Photocatalytic PCO technology to eliminate bacteria, nasty odours and control infections.

S1000 - PCO Silent Air Purifier

S1000 – PCO Silent Air Purifier

AirSteril air purifier kill bacteria and mildrew effectively, remove odours and moulds. It is a special silent design and no noisy operation. It is a remarkable success product to improve the air quality and remove unpleasant smell.

S2000 - PCO Silent Air Purifier

S2000 – PCO Silent Air Purifier

AirSteril air purifier provides safe and hygienic environment. It utilizes UV and Photocatalyst technology to eliminate odours and infections at source. It goes to the route of the issue and destroy instead of masking. The energy consumption and maintenance costs are very low.

WR30 - Washroom Range

WR30 – Washroom Range

Smelly and offensive odours are a definite sign that they are unhygienic and a health hazard for visitors. Washroom accumulates high level of harmful bacteria and viruses. Toilet and urinal flush faecal microorganisms into the air and onto surfaces, poor ventilation add to the problems. The Air Steril washroom WR30 is a fan assisted design to clear odours in heavy use and large washroom.

WT30 - Washroom Thermal

WT30 – Washroom Thermal

Traditional cleaning methods only offer a temporary solution. Fragrances just mask the odours they do not remove the source. The AirSteril washroom unit operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week, it supplies controlled purifier air all day long low ozone output ensures a fresh smelling washroom without risk to human health.

UR460 - Upper Room UVGI

UR460 – Upper Room UVGI

Factors affecting the potential for disease transmission are the concentration of infectious particles in the air and the exposure duration. Unpleasant odours are signs of poor management. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) demand high levels of cleanliness and infection control. An upper-room UVGI system is an effective control method to eliminate odour and improve air quality.

MT1500 - Maxi Thermal

MT1500 – Maxi Thermal

Complaints about odours from waste management, composting and similar industrial processes happens frequently. General cleaning and fragrances do not kill odours. Odours from waste are created by bacteria and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) generated from rotting stuffs. MT1500 utilizes UV and ozone technology to eliminate odours and controlling infections.

In-Duct - UV Light Air Purifier

In-Duct – UV Light Air Purifier

Regular chemical cleaning and disinfecting are not enough to kill bacteria and eliminate odours. In-duct UV light is a permanent solution to solve offensive odours problems, it is safe and operates continuously, with very low power and maintenance costs. It reduces airborne microorganisms and improve air cleanliness.

PR-UV01 - Ceiling Mounted Germicidal UV Troffer

PR-UV01 – Ceiling Mounted Germicidal UV Troffer

It is easily mounted into any type of T-grid 2’x2’ ceiling support system, no additional space is taken up by the unit. Once power up air is drawn constantly into the system and moved through a chamber where it is disinfected airborne microorganisms, then supply clean air to the lower room continuously.


Principle of Photo-Catalytic Oxidation
UV lamp
Photo-catalyst (TiO2)
Photo-Catalytic Oxidation
  • Photo-catalyst absorbs UV light

  • Strong oxidizing hydroxyls radical
    (-OH) formed

  • Cells of bacteria destroyed

  • Bacteria, pollutant,allergen decomposed

  • Harmless water
    and carbon dioxide

About Us

We care about the air, you, your family and customers breathe. A clean and fresh air makes your life happy and healthy. Offensive odours and infections are created from bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and Volatile organic compounds (VOCs). We introduce Germicidal Ultraviolet (UVC) and Photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology to break down harmful and hazardous particle into Carbon dioxide and water...


  • Office
  • Living room
  • Conference Room
  • Bar
  • Washroom
  • Ward
  • Waste processing
  • Air-duct
  • Ceiling