What is Photo-catalytic oxidation PCO?

Nano titanium dioxide (TiO2) is the photo-catalyst used in the AirSteril product. A unique and proprietary process is used to create the patented TiO2 formula. When this material is irradiated with ultraviolet light, strong oxidizing agents called hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide ions are formed. These agents enable AirSteril to kill / remove / eliminate airborne pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms in vegetative and spore states (bacteria, mold & fungi, viruses and dust mites) , allergens, odors and harmful volatile organic compounds(VOC). Because the organic material is completely oxidized by this process, the photo-catalytic reactor is self-cleaning relative to organic material on the catalyst surface.

The effectiveness of Photo-oxidation PO (Small trace of ozone)

Several common odors such as second hand cigarette smoke, musty odors, ammonia and some allergens do exist in our working and living environment, public area as well as in toilet. All these odors or gases more or less have side effect on our health and sometime it is very difficult to get rid of these odors. Photo-oxidation (ozone) is very effective, safe and fast in removing these odors. All you have to do is to use an AirSteril with photo-oxidation composite UV lamp tube built in and let the machine to generate a small trace of ozone into the air. The small trace of ozone will oxidize the odors effectively.
Different concentration of ozone will be used for various applications. For selection of various composite UV lamp tube, please see application list.

Principle of UVC sterilization

Ultraviolet and energy photons (95-125kcal/mole), provides a kind of biological effects and with a significant destructive microbes solution. When microorganisms in the air encountered ultraviolet, UVC band will penetrate the microorganism cell membrane and nucleus. Nucleic Acid, Pyrimidine, Purine and Protein absorb wave and photons, the chemical effect will destroy microbes molecular, and thus the microorganism loses the ability to replicate and lively. Result indicated shows that Protein absorbs UVC band at 280nm, Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and Ribonucleic acid (RNA) between 250-260nm band. The most efficient of UVC band to destroy microorganisms at 253.7nm.
Principle of Photo-Catalytic Oxidation
UV lamp
Photo-catalyst (TiO2)
Photo-Catalytic Oxidation
  • Photo-catalyst absorbs UV light

  • Strong oxidizing hydroxyls radical
    (-OH) formed

  • Cells of bacteria destroyed

  • Bacteria, pollutant,allergen decomposed

  • Harmless water
    and carbon dioxide

Harmful substances in the air

  • Swine Influenza

    Swine Influenza

  • Avian Influenza

    Avian Influenza

  • Norovirus


  • Mold


  • Streptococcus


  • Smell of smoke

    Smell of smoke

  • Listeria


  • Staphylococcus aureus

    Staphylococcus aureus

  • Volatile Organic Compounds

    Volatile Organic Compounds

  • Streptococcus pneumoniae

    Streptococcus pneumoniae

  • Echerichia Coli

    Echerichia Coli

  • Formaldehyde