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MT1500 – Maxi Thermal


Complaints about odours from waste management, composting and similar industrial processes happens frequently. General cleaning and fragrances do not kill odours. Odours from waste are created by bacteria and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) generated from rotting stuffs. MT1500 utilizes UV and ozone technology to eliminate odours and controlling infections.


AirSteril APCO Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology Combined with UVC Light. UVC Light with or without ozone selection.

  • PhotoCatalytic Oxidation PCO :

    Carbon based organic molecules contaminants are effectively broken down by AirSteril PCO technology. Millions of highly reactive compounds are created every second and transmitted out of the AirSteril unit and acts as highly efficient catalyst for destroying odour, mold, airborne and surface bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds VOC such as formaldehyde, sterilizes the air and all Exposed surfaces 24/7.
  • Germicidal Light UVC :

    Microbes are sterilized by the high levels of germicidal twin tubes PLL UVC light inside AirSteril purification chamber.
  • Negative Ions :

    Negative Ions break down chemical compounds and microbes as well as creates pleasant feeling of well-being.
  • Ozone :

    Ozone is one of the most efficient substance in eliminating unwanted chemicals, and getting rid of odour.

    MT1500 Thermal convection system offers a unique design without fan motor or moving parts. All parts which could be affected by onerous off-gassing of caustic materials are encased a hermetically sealed insulated chamber, it ensures that contaminated air processed through the unit achieves optimum dwell time in the purifying chamber. As the processed air leaves the unit then in itself it becomes an efficient cleaning agent.

Power consumption

42 watts


160 x 160 x 670 mm



Unit weight

3.2 kgs

Number of photo-catalyst bas plate

1 pc

Suggest covering area

70 - 120 sqm
Choice of lamp strengths to manage varying levels of contamination

Power cord

1.8 m

UVC lamp tube life

Approx. 8000 hour


All aluminum alloy extrusion structure


Wall Mount , 1.8m (min) from ground floor


Aluminum Silver